Mindful Joint 2018 Chicago

Mindful Joint 2018
University of Chicago

Mindful Joint brings together artists, writers, and curators from South Korea and the U.S.

The symposium does not attempt to define what contemporary Korean art is, nor does present a unified history. Instead, the symposium assimilates practices of Korean artists to the conversations that are taking place around the world by matching professionals in the U.S. whose practices share similar interests.

Mindful Joint 2018 offers a meeting point where similar yet different ideas gather together and open new ideas. Contemporary Korean art has been marginalized as an outsider of the hegemonic discourses of art. This symposium aims to break the generalized perception of the nation to understand the complexities of practices and cultural backgrounds. Unexpected connections will add new lines of narratives into the fabric of global conversations.

Sponsored by the University of Chicago Department of Art HistoryDepartment of Visual Arts at The University of Chicago, and the Center for the Art of East Asia, and the Smart Museum of Art. 


Monday, April 2
Logan Center for the Arts, 915 E 60th Street

Tuesday, April 3
Cochrane-Woods Art Center, 5540 S. Greenwood Avenue, room 157

Onejoon Che
Mansudae Master Class, 40:30 min, 2015

Min Oh
Five Voices, 6:00 min, 2017
Audience, 6:00 min, 2017
Performers, 1:00 min excerpt, 2017
A Sit, 6:04 min, 2015
Marina, Lukas and Myself, 24:20 min, 2014

Heecheon Kim
썰매 Sleigh Ride Chill, 17:00 min, 2017


Cochrane-Woods Art Center, 5540 S. Greenwood Avenue, room 157


Orianna Cacchione
Curator of Global Contemporary Art, Smart Museum of Art, the University of Chicago

Onejoon Che
filmmaker and artist

Kim Heecheon

Jaewook Lee
Director of the Mindful Joint, Lecturer in the Department of Visual Arts, the University of Chicago

Min Oh

Jaeyong Park
curator, translator, and frequent contributor to Frieze

Goeun Song
curator of Artspace Boan 1942

Laura Steward
Director, Department of Visual Arts Open Practice Committee, the University of Chicago

Andrew V. Uroskie
Associate Professor of Art History and Criticism, Stony Brook University


Department of Visual Arts
Open Practice Committee
The Department of Art History
Center for the Art of East Asia
The Smart Museum